The Others

The Others - Pride

Pride from The Others, published by CMON. Painted for my sister and brother-in-law for their collection of board games. The sculpture is made of a rather soft, plastic material. The treatment of this material was a bit problematic. Most of the parts fit well but there were some mistakes done during the casting process, which I did not clean up to the end.  My objective was to paint it as soon as possible to the tabletop level, so I did not have time for patience. The quality of the model is surprisingly high - many interesting details. Someone more talented who had time could certainly get more out of this figure. Nevertheless, I think that it worked out pretty well for the day of work. In 80 percent I painted this with an airbrush - there was an opportunity to use my new H&S Evolution Al Plus airbrush. I am slowly mastering this tool. After switching from H&S Ultra, I see the difference mainly in time needed for cleaning / changing the paint in the reservoir. It is much more less time consuming.

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