The Pearl of the Antilles

The Pearl of the Antilles. - The Haiti Campaign - End of Day Eight - 8th August 1791

After a week of campaigning the various factions spend their Sunday reorganising and regrouping, from an umpires perspective it's interesting to see the various recruitment strategies taking place, mass troops, retraining or saving for bigger and better in future weeks.A number of players are realising that the typical losses are not bloody as first thought and losses can quickly return to the fray, it also means you need to keep the pressure on opponents especially given the chance to over run their camps and catch valuable supplies and perhaps kill or capture the wounded.Welcome to Week 2 in Haiti.The British under Thomas Maitland continue their relentless advance they have bolstered their number and pass through the occasional gathering of huts without stopping to garrison such insignificant locations in their single focus on joining the fight. On the evening of the 8th they arrive at Pestel.The stand off continues further east with the Republicans and Mulattos continuing their standoff

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The Pearl of the Antilles. - The Arms race continues - Reinforcements end of week one.

As the campaign closes after the first 7 days in the field each player gains a number of additional support points to add to their core forces.These are based upon the number of towns and villages held with each garrisoned location generating 1D4 support points.The results after week one are as follows.British – Thomas Maitland – RED - 10 Points.French Royalist/Planters – Viscount de Blanchelande – WHITE - 17 Points.French Republican – Léger-Félicité Sonthonax – BLUE - 16 Points.Spanish – Joaquín Moreno - YELLOW - 10 Points.Mulatto – André Rigaud – BLACK - 14 Points.Ex-Slaves - Dutty Boukman – ORANGE - 14 Points.Ex-Slaves – Georges Biassou – PURPLE - 13 PointsEx - Slaves - Princess  Amethyste - PINK - 13 Points.Haitian Loyalists - Toussaint Louverture – GREEN - 20 PointsHaitian Loyalists - Jean-Jacques Dessalines – GOLD - 17 Points.Haitian Loyalist - Christopher Henry - BROWN - 16 Points.The support points can be applied to the location of the field commander or the various region capitals.Alternatively

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