The Pikeman's Lament

The Pikeman's Lament: The First Peninsular War

Well I lasted until the final week of the Warlord Games sprue sale before weakening, but yesterday an order for a pile of Marlburian Infantry sprues went in as each sprue has 12 figures on and costs just £2.50! Don't ask how many I ordered, but free postage is such a temptation! Unlike other ex-Wargames Factory plastics, these aren't as slim and fiddly, the main reason I resisted the AWI sprues...Warlord Games Malburian Infantry (photo Warlord Games)The uniforms are pretty generic, so can be painted up as a number of nations, the issue now is which ones... As interesting as Marlborough's campaign is, I have been intrigued by the operations in Portugal and Spain between 1701 and 1710, and there is a book by Nicholas Dorrell coming out at the end of the month (Marlborough’s Other Army: The British Army and the Campaigns of the First Peninsula War, 1702–1712). It looks like it will provide a good overview of all the participants, not just the British (one of the things that interests me is the wide variety of a

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The Great Rebellion

If you go back and read my blog posts from 2018, you'd be forgiven for thinking that I didn't do anything hobby related last year except play a few games of Shadow War. In fact, last year was pretty productive for me, I just got pretty bad at updating the blog. Rather than posting new pictures to the blog, I got into the habit of Tweeting things, which meant a few people saw them, but also that they disappeared pretty quickly into the ether.So for no better reason than that I wanted a record, this is an update of one of my major projects of 2018, the two English Civil War companies I painted to use with the Pikeman's Lament rules, written by Daniel Mersey and Michael Leck and published by Osprey. This game is supposed to represent small actions with roughly 30 to 50 models aside.I first posted about this project in March 2018. My plan was to paint up my two companies while continuing with my Shadow War campaign, occasionally breaking from ECW models to update my Kill Teams. In the end this is pretty much how

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