The Wizard's Conclave

Battle Report – Frostgrave – The Blade of Barael Part 3

Behold! The Bastard’s Blade! Hrothgar and Redd race to the throne room of Barael the Bastard, chasing the shrieking enraged Half Breed. Cornered and furious at its wounding, it turns on both warbands as the ultimate treasures of the War-Mage are revealed!

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Battle Report – Frostgrave – The Blade of Barael – Part 1

I was lucky enough to be invited to contribute to the Wizard’s Conclave supplement for Frostgrave, out February 21st. I’m joined by Owen from Gaming with the Cooler as we return to Feldstad with our original Wizards, Hrothgar and Redd to play through scenarios from the book, starting with The Blade of Barael! A deep gloom descends upon the steets as the Warbands approach an ancient Aviary. Could this be the home of the mythical Crow-Mage, forger of the War-Mage Barael the Bastard’s fabled sword? Hungry for more knowledge and oblivious to the return of their rival, the Wizards approach!    

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