This Hallowed Ground

ACW Battle Report - Farm Defence

Got together with Roy Scaife, John Lantz, Adrian Turner and Dan Kerrick this past weekend to play an ACW game.  Roy and myself handled the Union forces while John, Adrian and Dan commanded the Confederate forces.The scenario was an advanced Union force was moving into position - led by a small cavalry brigade - to secure a key farm near a crossroads.  A large Confederate force arrives to force the Union position back before reinforcements can arrive.We used our standard VPs plus allocated 10VPs for control of the farm and 5VPs each for control of the 2 large fields located to the north of the farm.Table setup is below ...The Union cavalry brigade (2 x cavalry units, 1 x horse artillery battery) is already advancing past the farm, with the first infantry brigade (5 x infantry units, 1 x artillery battery) entering on turn 1.  On turn 2 the second and final Union infantry brigade (5 x infantry units, 1 x artillery battery) entered the table.At the start of turn 2 a large Confederate infantry brig

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ACW McPherson's Ridge AAR

As I mentioned yesterday, I hosted an ACW game today using This Hallowed Ground.  Roy Scaife and Adrian Turner joined me for a fun filled day of gaming and cursing our dice!We (re)fought my McPherson's Ridge scenario that covers the first day of Gettysburg - specifically around the holding action by Buford's cavalry against increasingly overwhelming odds and the subsequent arrival of elements of 1st Corps to attempt to hold good ground around the town of Gettysburg.Scenario link: College - a great model and backdrop for this battleThis is a tough scenario for both sides.  Buford starts with 3 cavalry units and a battery of guns deployed to hold off a massive wave of Confederate units.  The Confederates start with elements from 2 brigades on the table, but this quickly increases to 3 full strength brigades - which makes it a tough decision for Buford.  Potentially sacrifice the entire Union cav

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ACW Game Tomorrow

Hosting a game tomorrow for ACW - running my McPherson's Ridge scenario using the updated rules for This Hallowed Ground (v3.0). Snapped some pictures while setting up the game and figured I would share. Battle report to follow.I recently had some new lighting put in above my table area to light things up better ... which has helped me take nicer pictures with my great Canon DSLR using the zoom lens.Pictures below ...Kepi ready ... dice (never) ready ... onward to victory!

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