Thorin's Company

[EN/PL] Thorin's Company / Drużyna Thorina: Gloin, Bofur & Oin (Scibor Miniatures)

Warmly welcome!Long, ah long I haven't painted anything from Scibor's Monstrous Miniatures. Therefore, it's time to make up for it and today I invite you to the first post about Tolkien's Thorin's Company.        In this series, I will present the team of dwarves, and paint which is painted on, followers of the Lonely Mountain. In the first entry Gloin, Bofur and Oin. I painted the last two a few years ago and now I just changed the names on the bases to match the design.      What is new is the dwarf model that will serve me as Gloin. Just painted, while maintaining the characteristic features to fit the rest.I hope you like my idea of alternative dwarves from "Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien.GloinQuest for EreborIn TA 2799, Glóin was known to have fought in the Battle of Azanulbizar, the last battle of the War of the Dwarves and Orcs. In TA 2941, Glóin and his brother Óin, along with his cousins Dwalin and Balin, were among the Dwarves accompanying Thorin and Company during

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