TIE Fighter

Red Leader, Red Leader, Cheaper Leader

I really like X-Wing for recreating the star fighter conflicts from the Star Wars universe. It’s a fun game and one that can be played with a few ships or a fair few. I am sticking with the original rules, despite the fact that there is a new edition out now. The original boxed set comes with three models. I wanted to get some reinforcements for both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance, but wanted to get some of the standard models, having already got specialist models such as the Millennium Falcon, B-Wings, A-Wings and fair few of the TIE specialist fighters. So first on my list was the X-Wing. With a list price of £15, I have managed to get one on Amazon for £8.79, which I thought then was a bargain. I had noticed that the original boxed set on Amazon was sometimes sold at a discount, but I don’t have the time to continually check Amazon for those price fluctuations. Well just because you don’t have the time, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. I now use a service called Keepa which has an extension that can be i

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