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Red Phoenix Project - 6mm Korean Village

Back in the summer I kicked off the Red Phoenix Project, the fictitious invasion of South Korea in the mid 1980's based on the novel by Larry Bond.I rebased the infantry and armour to be able to use them with the Seven Days of the Rhine Rules but languishing in the box of shame was a whole bunch of buildings from my first attempt to crack this project a mere 10 years ago. Back then I had painted up perhaps 5 or 6 buildings which left quite a few to get through.The buildings are a mix of Irregular and Timecast from their Asia and Russian Range. The Irregular buildings are cast in metal which is a rarity these days, they are a little rough around the edges but they do some unusual stuff in their numerous ranges. I based each of the buildings on an MDF base and added some textured wall paper to create the occasional tarmac area, I added a number of trees which were lying around to give the buildings more of a rural look.The Irregular Temple makes a great centre piece and bolting on a couple of extra buildin

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Seven Days to the Rhine - South Korean Formations..

On to the South Korean's.So it turns out I had not painted anywhere near enough of these, time to check the spares box or a quick order to GHQ to flesh out the ranks in the coming weeks for some SP Guns, AA vehicles and recon elements.Once again based and formated for Seven Days to the Rhine.South Korean Mechanized RegimentRegimental Headquarters1 Infantry RegimentArtillery BatteryReconnaissance CompanyTank CompanyInfantry Battalion Battalion Headquarters 33 Points 1 Infantry Stand Jeep A Company Infantry 73 Points 2 Infantry Stands M113 B Company Infantry 73 Points 2 Infantry Stands M113 C Company Infantry 73 Points 2 Infantry Stands M113 D Company Machine Gun Company 73 Points 2 MG Stands M113 E Company Support Company 104 Points 2 81mm Mortar & 2 Dragon Stands M113 Regimental Heavy Weapons Company Regimental Heavy Weapons Company 104 Points 2 120 mm Mortar & 2 Dragon Stands M113 Regimental Air Defence Company Regimental Air Defence Company 46 Points 2 M16

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Idle hands are the devil’s workshop - Red Phoenix Project

Whilst working my notice I suddenly found that I had more gaming time than I would normally have. Bad news when you start thinking about new projects or those mothballed from years back even before this blog existed.Whilst clicking through the numerous wargames items on e-bay I end up back at the fictional invasion of South Korea by the North, a couple of days later I find myself the owner of the new rules by Great Escape Games and Larry Bonds book plus a second hand copy of Korea 1995 by GMT Games more eye candy and inspiration than a desire to play the board game itself.Somewhere in the loft is a North Korean and South Korean Battle group packed away. One of those projects that I could not quite bring myself to sell off. Good job as with a few tweaks they can make a fresh reappearance on the table top. I did find a box of shame, all the unfinished troops, vehicles and buildings mostly Time Cast Buildings and GHQ Micro Armour from the first time around.Plenty to do in the weeks ahead without laying out a sin

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