Tomb Kings

Warmaster – Tomb Kings Army / Part III

Hello! I’m publishing today the last post with Tomb Kings army for Warmaster. In the two previous entries you could have a look at individual units. Below you can see a few photos of commanders’ bases and a group shot. I must admit that it was nice to return to the desert climate. I’m curious if in Age of Sigmar this faction will be resurrected one day Painting orders

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Warmaster – Tomb Kings Army / Part II

Welcome to the new month! As announced, I am continuing to publish photos of the Tomb Kings army for the Warmaster system. The models are in 10mm scale Here you can find chariots, warmachines and a few special units. Despite so many years, sculptures can still enjoy the eye. A great advantage of WM is the number of figures that appear on the table – it allows you to create battles of really big momentum. Personally, I am most tempted by the ancient or medieval variant. Only when to find the time for it all…. Nevertheless, I invite you to watch this small gallery. Enjoy! Commission painting –

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Warmaster ethereal undead

The Warmaster Tomb Kings army I have is an acquisition from a friend who used to play the game. Despite having 1000s of points of Skeleton Warriors he began to paint up some Chaos Marauders as units of ethereal undead warriors. He initially painted them in white but since then GW has released the Hexwraith Flame shade and so I did a wash with that and then drybrushed the models with Pallid Wytchflesh and then white.

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