TooFat Lardies

What a Tanker!!

So with Mrs kingsleypark and youngest daughter away to see some arty farty play at Dundee Rep, Roo and I had time on our hands to get some extra gaming in. We had been looking at the rules for the old Avalon Hill Hex and Counter game, "The Russian Campaign" and although the rules only amount to 6 pages it still looked a bit of a time sink to play the game so we decided we would come back to that at a later date.He wanted to try something new so I suggested we play "What a Tanker!" by TooFat Lardies.Now I had played WaT a couple of times with the THAGGers, the last time being a Tiger I (me) taking on a seemingly never ending stream of Shermans (the Tiger won 6-0, if I remember rightly -Does it bring back memories Gary and Neil??Strangely enough, I've never been able to persuade the THAGGers to bring it back to the table. However, after a quick peruse of the rules Roo declared himself up for the challenge. He had wanted to use my 20mm T-34's but I got some nice shiny 28mm Panzer IV's and Shermans

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