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Raging Heroes - New Releases

New Lust Elves from Raging Heroes...---------------------Straight out of your worst nightmare...Lust Elves Centaurs unleashed!save 11% off with the launch price!Get your Centaurs now or they will get you!Garreth, as we're in Halloween season and talking about spooky and creepy creatures, we thought it was the perfect timing to release our the Fantasy version of our insane Centaurs!These Lust Elves miniatures we'll make the most incredible cavalryfor your army!Check out the LAUNCH PRICE on Fantasy Centaurs!Want more? We just brought back our special Ravagers and Despoilers Packs! You will be able to get these Fantasy Centaurs + the Heroine Keshyrii or the Flesh Eaters troops... and you will save money!Behind the scenes: the concept art of KeshyriiThe work of the concept artist is to translate the various briefs and moodboards into drawings. He will also bring his own ideas into the mix and more often than not create characters comp

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