LotR Moria Army

Lord of the Rings Moria Army (Prepped and/or Undercoated) This is the first in a series of follow up posts to the one I made way back in January 2015. The previous post "My Lord of the Rings Armies (The Boxes)" contains details of what I had back then when hardly any had been prepped in readiness for painting. This series of posts will feature each of those armies of the Lord of the Rings minis in turn that I have recently prepped and/or undercoated. There are a few minis that are still at the prep stage (need some putty work to fill a few gaps), but the vast majority of figures are ready to take a lick of colour.I will follow a similar format with each of these posts, in that I will feature each army arrayed on the tabletop battle map and give a brief overview of what is in that faction.First up is the army of Moria that I have collected over the almost twenty years since they were initially released. Here is the original pre-prep photo from a couple of years ago...And here is a photo of the army post prep..

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15mm Stone Trolls and how they got their name.....

......from CP Models, maybe for some Dragon Rampant shenanigans?Stone Trolls because of their notorious artillery that hurls large stones at friend or foe, picked up a really cheap copy of Dragon Rampant and it seems to be a quick and easy set of rules!The leader displays his brown dominant colour to show he's Boss/War Leader and a smack in the chops to anybody who thinks otherwise........The massed artillery of the Troll Federation........Some size comparison shots........

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They have a Cave Troll (or 4)!

Although the Moria goblin hordes have been completed (see post from a couple of weeks back), their hard-hitting cave troll brethren needed to be constructed. These are large multi-piece figures that require some modelling skill to put together. Like Shelob, these took a little while to get right but, again, I got away without having to pin them - they will need a fair amount of putty work to smoothe out some joins though.First up is the leader of this little battle of miscreants; Buhrdhur, Hill troll Chieftain. I absolutely adore this mini. It just oozes power and menace. He will make a good leader for any force of bad guys, be they goblins, orcs, evil men or even other trolls.I have been thinking on how to use the four troll miniatures I have in my collection; obviously they can be used for a standard Moria army but as Burdhur is a hill troll I can also use them as a small band of his brethren. Not sure on a paint job yet, but I'd like to paint them so that they can have multiple uses. Here are the three var

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