Troops on Parade

Troops on Parade - 28mm British AWI

Following a bit of a lull in the gaming here at YG I thought it was time to put together one of my Troops on Parade features which is essentially an excuse to drag out one of my lesser used collections, blow the dust off them and present them to the outside world.Agnews BrigadeThe bulk of the army was put together 5 to 6 years ago and was mostly a result of me falling in love with the Perrys 28mm range rather than a deep desire to game the period. The troops are based for British Grenadier rules which are part of the GdeB stable.The flags are from GMB, some of them have had quite a bit of over painting, for some reason I found that the first batch of flags faded quite badly with the white turning a shade of light pink ! (which you can still see in certain angles / light). A bit annoying to say the least, the gold and silver cords where purchased from a local Harberdashery store.That dog looks familiar !Agnews Brigade of 4 British Battalions, 6 Skirmishers and a Commander was the first group of figures I put t

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Troops on Parade - Italian Wars Papal Army

In this occasional series of posts on Yarkshire Gamer I have been looking back at some of the collections I have built up over the years, in contrast this post is more looking forward with this my latest project.Regular readers will have seen this army build up fairly rapidly over the last few months, helped by both the Analogue Hobbies Winter Paint Challenge and an unplanned period of 6 weeks off work. It's by no means complete but this will be the bulk of the army going forward. Focus will switch to other projects but I have plans to add the odd unit here and there and let's face it an Army is never really finished.If you prefer Moving Pictures (not the Rush album ! although that is awesome) Yarkshire TV have spent millions, ok a cup of Tea and a Tunnocks Wafer in producing this Cecil B de Mille like historical epic, enjoy.For those of you scared of moving pictures I have added some still photos to the post, above is the vanguard showing two units of shot, a gun and 4 Command Bases.The one thing that impres

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