A Submission of One Reader's Army in 20mm!

US Forces in Polandby Jorge Del RioAn article for 500 Miles to the German BorderThis article is solely an overview of the Forces that our group has met or will meet in their attempt to leave Poland.The troops are mostly members of the NATO Allies that were fighting in the area in June of 2000. The primary members are small groups of troops from the 4-12 Cavalry, which was 5th IDs Divisional Cavalry Squadron, the 1-11th Infantry and 3-11th Infantry. The 5th ID was destroyed recently near Kalisz, however multiple small groups of troopers are scattered everywhere. Several groups ended up south of Kalisz in hiding where the Command Group encounters the commander of the local Polish Home Army.The Command GroupThe Command Group is what I call the primary group of explorers; they are not exempt from getting killed especially if they suck at rolling their dice. Most of us have several player characters in the game at the same time.The Battalion Commander Major Jeremy Rivers is the former Squadron Operation Offic

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Had a productive weekend!

I've been painting this mess of Soviet vehicles for a long, long time. And well, I finally finished them. Lord knows, it took a while. I used a method I found on the old Guild website, that I've slightly modified, but it works well, and gives the vehicles a nice "worn" look.As soon as I find a copy of the method, I will post it here, but I wanted to show off the vehicles in their glory. Lemme know what you think gang!Overall, am I as good a modeler as some of what I've seen on the net, nope. But am I happy? Yep.3 Butler Printer Models T-64s. they're fairly rough on the detail and l/76th as opposed to 1/72. But I do look them for what they are, decent looking Russian tanks. 2 S-Model BMD-2. I liked the ease of construction. Didn't like the fragility of some of the parts, such as the treads, and the brass parts seemed a bit unnecessary. The Trumpeter T-55 to me is a great kit. It was a bit unexpected to screw together the halves of the hull, but I liked the kit overall, assembled it in an afternoon!&n

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