Empire of the Petal Throne via Roll20

I remember Empire of the Petal Throne. It was an early Roleplaying game, produced by TSR (the Dungeons and Dragons people) but they didn’t put a lot of money or effort into it. This is a shame as the world upon which Empire of the Petal throne is built is complex, multicultural, multiracial and continuously being developed. 20 year old me tried it a few times and liked it, but it never caught on local to me, so I reverted to bland old Dungeons and Dragons. Rich Mckee ran the adventure for us, as he is entering a new phase where he will be running Tekumel games for a long while. We used Roll20, the visual utility that allows you to map and play your roleplaying games online with multiple players playing simultaneously (but not in the same place at the same time) I had some technical difficulties with Roll20. I had used it before but that was a few years back. So after a few futile attempts, it finally worked for me, the Twitch stream was running and it was suddenly like being in the

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