Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

We're already two weeks into 2019, time for some new year's resolution.It's fair to say that 2018 got me back into the hobby. With the announcement of Star Wars: Legion in 2017 it was only a matter of how deep I would go... ...and I went as deep as I could. I've gotten into terrain building, started and almost finished my Rebel army, got introduced to the rabbit hole called 3D-printing and even got hooked on GW systems again at the same time. The more time I spent with Legion, the more I got talking with fellow hobbyists about how the hobby had changed while I was on standby. To my surprise I actually liked some of the changes a lot. GW which had almost driven me out of the hobby for good with ridiculous pricing and lacking support of LotR/The Hobbit/Middle-Earth actually made a huge turn for the better and seems to have remembered to adress their customers as hobbyists first before taking all their money (Yeah, I know what I signed up for...). I loved releases like Kill Team or Blackstone Fortress and a

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