Rats of Tanglethorn Pt.7: The Tree of Woe

Afheesh shot after Wufcor who was free of his shackles, fleeing, and armed with a stolen dagger. The quickling guard tripped the fleeing canny-jack with his tail. Wufcor flopped onto his back hard with a blast of dust and dry leaves. Afheesh held the tip of his dagger to his former companion’s throat. Afheesh (kicking dirt on the prone ratling): “Drop the dagger gutter trash!” As a result, Wufcor let loose his white knuckled grip on the dagger letting it drop to the ground. Wufcor: “I surrender!” Pabst tried to move in and grapple the traitorous ratling but missed by a mile. Jennifer (to me): “You traitor! I won’t forget this!” Isis (shrugging): “Look Sis I figure he could’ve killed me at any time, so I hope he has a plan.” Pabst reluctantly surrendered under the remaining guard’s spear points and Sergeant Neek’s sword. The prisoners were shackled once again and after another hour were finally led to the Tree of Judgment. A large twisted trunk was before them that sported large thorns here and there over its

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