Nightboat to Cairo!

It's been too long!Well, it's time to crank the old blog-machine back to life. Little did I know that the title of the last post was going to be so prophetic!Life has just got too busy in the last couple of years, and something had to give; unfortunately that something was my blog. My wargaming didn't completely stop, but I definitely haven't been able to make it to the club nearly as much as I would like. My figure painting output has also suffered, too. Altogether, the last year has been one of burning the candle at both ends. After the daily work grind and family responsibilities, I haven't had a lot of energy to do much but flop in front of the telly for an hour or so before staggering up the stairs to bed. Oh, woe is me! (LOL! It's not that bad really, but I've found my focus changing and while my hobbies are still a big part of my life, my family life is changing gears as my kids grow older, not to mention my wife and I are too...)Anyhoo, Last weekend John R. put on a scenario extravaganza that cri

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Last game, figures and models of 2018. Ostatnia gra, figurki i modele roku 2018.

Today we have last day of 2018. For the year review I will write separate post soon, but now last wargaming events of passing year.Dziś mamy ostatni dzień roku 2018. POdsumowanie roku znajdzie się w osobnym poście, który opublikuje już wkrótce, a teraz ostatnie wargamingowe wydarzenia mijającego roku.1. Last Game: Galleys, Guns and Glory. Ostatnia gra: Galleys, Guns and Glory.SCENARIO/SCENARIUSZ: Jack GlanvilleUMPIRING/PROWADZENIE GRY: Jack GlanvilleSCENERY/SCENERIA: SESWCFIGURES & MODELS/FIGURKI I MODELE: Jack Glanville, Angus Konstam1.1. Forces. Siły.HOLY LEAGUE/ŚWIĘTA LIGA(Alasdair, Angus, Campbell)1 x Galeassa3 x Lanternas5 x Galleys6 x GalliotsOTTOMAN EMPIRE/IMPERIUM OSMANÓW(Jack, Peter, Bartek)3 x Lanternas7 x Galleys6 x Galliots1.2. The game. Gra.As usual the time between Christmas and Hogmanay is not very busy at our club, so the game planned for 8 players had them only 6. Anyway it was still quite amusing. Both fleets moved against each other (even Venetians). Jack reach

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Tashkent, 1919. Taszkient, 1919.

Our last Thursday game was big Back of Beyond game with Set an East Ablaze rules. Game was prepared by Peter and I helped him to umpire. The plan was to explore the city, finding the gold and silver coins hidden in the buildings and prevent other groups to fulfill their goals. Nasza ostatnia czwartkowa gra była z cyklu Back of Beyond z zasadami Set an East Ablaze. Rozgrywka została przygotowana przez Petera, a ja mu jedynie pomogłem ją poprowadzić. Zadaniem graczy było przeszukiwanie miasta, znajdowanie złota i srebra ukrytego w budynkach oraz przeszkadzanie innym graczom w wypełnianiu ich celów.SCENARIO/SCENARIUSZ: Peter MearnsUMPIRING/PROWADZENIE GRY: Peter Mearns, Bartek ŻyndaSCENERY/SCENERIA: SESWCFIGURES & MODELS/FIGURKI I MODELE: Peter Mearns, Bartek Żynda, Michael Schneider, Angus Konstam1. Forces. Siły.Team 1:BRITISH/BRYTYJCZYCY(Michael S.)Commander4 x Infantry1 x HMGPOLES/POLACY(Bartek)Commander3 x Infantry1 x HMGArmoured CarTeam 2:BOLSHEVIKS 1/BOLSZEWICY 1(Angus)Commande

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