Teotihuacan: City of Gods First Impressions

According to my GCSE results, I speak better French than I do English. I’m not going to contest this because I’m from the North and my rough, no-nonsense accent will likely confuse the Southerners speaking with their plums in their mouths. A particularly awkward place to put one’s plums I might add. One language I’m demonstrably not great at is Mesoamerican and I have two pieces of evidence to back up this outlandish statement. One; the well-travelled lads here at Polyhedron Collider struggled to pronounce Teotihuacan the first few (hundred) times, resorting to referring to it as “Twatty-Haduken” (anyone who’s played Street Fighter will get the reference) and two; David Turczi himself stopped me at UK Games Expo this year to give me language lessons on how to do it properly.Read more »

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Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar – recenzija

Tzolk’in (Colkin) je moderno ime koje se koristi za 260-dnevni Majanski kalendar, najrasprostranjeniji kalendar mezoameričkih civilizacija pre dolaska evropskih kolonista. Reč u bukvalnom prevodu znači broj dana na Juketačkom Majanskom jeziku, dok njegovo originalno ime nije poznato. Tip: strateška igra Vreme: 90 minuta Broj Igrača: 2-4 Mehanizmi: postavljanje […]

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