Ottomans on their way

Janissaries on campaign - two thirds of a unit minus CommandThey arrived at 1600 and are on their way to all the pre order customers tomorrow!Which one wasn't speed painted? 2 x 45 minutes, 1 x 90 minutesHere is a taste of what is coming your way in the post. Codes OT001 - OT004 nearly sold out in the first batch so we are barely hanging on with those till we get reinforcements.A base of Janissaries in actionReverse view of another baseThe painting is an iterative process and some progress shots accompany this very brief postShaping up very nicelyOpponents!

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Come on, more? Really? Warfare Minis Guest Gallery 5

I've managed to get to a fifth in the series of Warfare painted miniatures from the brushes of excellent painters whilst maintaining the quality!Here we have some super, stylish Saxons from the very prolific brush of Roger Castle. Roger can be found evangelising about the GNW on several fora at the moment. His work output is high and he has done a wonderful job on his Warfare minis.Friend and fellow enthusiast Mark Shearwood is also highly productive and creative in his output. His interests are broad within the period and he has substantial quantities of NYW and GNW models.A popular subject - King James's Foot GuardsThese are Jacobites I believe but could be many different troopsMark Shearwood's dragoonsRichard Hampson Smith is producing some great work right now such as:dragoons for Ireland I believeThe very popular Jacobite Foot GuardsTyrconnel's HorseAn array of WilliamitesTruls Fjell is a talented and prolific painter and collector from Norway and has completed these excellent GNW era units:Swedish Life

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Ottomans - keeping them coming!

Managed to complete one full code - Campaign dress Janissaries loading/primingOK - the big job - prepping 90 models for the production moulds has been done this week, Scraping and filing castings which are not going to be painted is a very tedious job so I punctuated that by quickly painting a few more of the new castings.One more figure to add to the Campaign dress firing codeThese are speed paint jobs - white undercoat, flat colours will only occasional highlights, some washing with inks and 'wash mixes' and then flat varnishing.trying lots of colour combinations using the quick painting styleI have tried to bash through although some of the models really deserve that little bit of extra love even on a quick paint job.The washes tone things down nicelyHanding them over for production moulding at Partizan on Sunday which means, they should be commercially available by the end of August/ beginning of September as planned.Enjoyed doing this wee fellaThe campaign dress Janissaries are done in deliberately mixed

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