Unstable Unicorns

The (Not-So-)Necromunda Game Weekend

Generally speaking, I plan two big "events" a year. One is the Wargaming Weekend in February - which started out as my wargaming birthday bash (a one-evening/afternoon game held for local friends) but then evolved into a wargaming weekend at the end of February (closest to my birthday) and has in recent years moved to the "Family Day" long weekend in mid-february to make it easier for those that travel from Edmonton or Calgary or Winnipeg to participate. The other is a fall convention game. Originally that was Heroe's Gambit here in Saskatoon. For a couple years I went out to Fallcon in Calgary. In recent years it's been at ToonCon here in Saskatoon.This past February I had originally planned to run a Kill Team campaign of sorts. Previous skirmish campaign weekends had been a huge success - like the Shadow War: Armageddon campaign I'd run the previous year, or the Quest for the Skull Sword Frostgrave weekend or the Ronin Campaign I'd run previously. But as the date drew nearer I was losing interest fast - par

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Kickstarter Avgust 20: Catholic, Raiatea, Alien Frontiers, Firenze, Hellenica, Tales of Arcana, Unstable Unicorns

Starling Games sprema Alien Factions definitivnu kolekciju ekspanzija za Alien Frontiers. U ovoj Kickstarter kampanji možete izabrati samo ovu ekspanziju ali i originalnu igru, Quined Games je spremio kampanju za tri igre, Firenze, Raiatea i Counterfeiters sa mogućnošću da se iste podignu na ovogodšnjem Essen Spiel 2018 sajmu. […]

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