[EN/PL] Amon Hen: Uruk-hai #1 (Warhead Studio Ancient Hands #1)

I greet you warmly!I come back to the work of J.R.R. Tolkien in the form of orcs today! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, as Saruman used to say, "The Orc era has come!"        The more important reason, however, was my shame. I've bought a group of Uruk-hai scouts, a good year ago, that would be nice to paint and join the forces of evil.       I decided to make a mini project divided into 3 parts with orcs from Isengard under the name Amon Hen, which is the place of the Battle of the Followship of the Ring with the orc unit. The place of Boromir's death and kidnapping of the hobbits...To today's entry I have also added two elements of the wargaming terrain from Warhead Studio, which perfectly fit me to the ruins of the former watchtower of Gondor guarding the northern extremities of this land.I encourage you to take a look at this manufacturer's offer. It has many great elements of terrain and bases:https://warheadstudio.com/Warhead Studio FBAmon Hen. Part I. Uruk-hai.Uruk-ha

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