US engineers

Painted 1200 pts US army

There's been quite a lot about making terrain for Bolt Action battlefield recently, so it's time to turn the tide, back into stricte miniatures.For recent "Road to Berlin" campaign each or participants had to prepare 2 army lists: 1200 points from the same selector. I think the idea was to fit the army to specific scenario's conditions (attack/defence, capture markers or whatever).So here are mine.Quite a rare occasion to show fully painted battleforce actually...The first one is anti-tank group:Local players like heavy armour a lot, in fact it's nothing unusual to see 2 tanks on 1000 pts games. Therefore I became tank allergic...Sure it's fun to use large squads but when confronted with German armour, my infantry melts like snowman in March...So the remedy is solid anti-tank punch:- 2 bazookas,- Hellcat and Greyhound (light AT gun but still counts),- AT atrillery,- air support,- flamethrower (in case shit gets really thick and REALLY close).In my opinion it's solid and reliable force but durin

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Road do Berlin 2019 - PICS HEAVY!

Heyah,Last weekend once again I had a pleasure to participate in Bolt Action event organised by Tricity gaming community: Road to Berlin.It's just been ton of fun:lots of gamers, all armies painted, 15 highly detailed battlefields, each with dedicated and demanding scenario. It ended just yeasterday but I already cannot wait the next one.During the event I played 4 games (during which got my US ass kicked 3 times...) so there was not much time to take pics of other battles raging around. Therefore just like in last year's Road to Berlin report - here's what I've managed to gather between giving orders and getting shot.Feast your eyes!Aerial pics of the fields of battle:My first game:That goddamn Tiger...Quick peek on other fields of battle:And my second game - the mission was to prevent launching V1 rocket (which I fucked so the London was most probably demolished): The third game. Bridges suck!And the last game: because of freezing weather both of my vehicles didn't appear on the table at

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Sisters or battle, US engineers and others...

Hello again,Stuff below has been prepared a little while back but since there was Bolt Action "tourney" recently, anything else would be simply dominated and crushed under pictures I've taken during the games.Which reminds me: here's what I brought: 1110 well fed and equipped points. Don't think anyone's interested in the list's details so family picture should be enough:So for starters:I am proud to announce that the job to collect Warhammer 40.000 2nd edition army books is finally done! Last August friend of mine delivered Sisters of Battle book so now they are all standing proudly in my micro library.I must admit I've never played 2nd edition. In fact - after having few games (later edition) realised 40k ain't my thing at all: I definitely prefer skirmish games than large scale battles (paining dozen or so models size gang should prevent me from becoming bored too fast).I gathered these books mostly for graphics and fluff.Well... Graphics actually...It's just great source of Mark Gibbons' stuff, who's

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