US howitzer

Pimp my howitzer

Last time it was heavy mortar and today my infantry once again got support weapon:M2A1 105 mm medium howitzer. It's not that I was lacking for anti-tank or anti-infantry weapon, but a short while back guy from Bolt Action group was flogging off his toys so I took oportunity to work on some second hand pieces. The wallet likes second hand deals...Models came painted but luckly for me the previous owner didn't care much about undercoating - washing the paint was rather easy.For uniforms I chose standard combo, but on two of the crewmen  I tested cayman green instead of yellow olive for jackets. Models of the gun and the men are ok except for the faces of the commander and the guy pulling the "trigger": these two look like had bad, bad accident with acid. Nevermind as long as they can shoot.Original model came on large, oval base but I changed it for 4" x 2": it's easier to place it in the terrain, buildings and such.What do you think? And here's the model before pimping:And one more thing:Wh

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