US Infantry

Kilroy was here!

Hello,This time there are two more Bolt Action pieces served: US medium machine gun team and Warlord / Italeri wrecked house.MMG team it my entry for painting contest on forum. There are several categories to choose, I decided to prepare unit / squad (25/28mm) and vehicle.The first entry is Warlord Games' medium machine gun team - this time whole team has been placed on single base a contrary to another MMG painted recently: sure it's more practical to have ammo runt staggering around to mark casaulty easier, but I thing 3 models packed on single base simply look better. So as usually I chose more-less the same color choice to make guys fit rest of the force. Noting down colors used during work turned out to be good idea. Looking now at these bricks I am considering basing a single squad on city rubble - to make them pop on the battlefield. The only problem is models I use are "pre-slotta" which will make basing rather pain in the ass.Most probably.But still it's bette

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15mm Bolt Action Commission- The Americans

This was the bulk of the Bolt Action commission I took on whilst home.  A horde of infantry, a few crewed support weapons and some vehicles.All are Peter Pig casting, which where are very nice, very little flash.  the vehicles fit together well.I did enjoy painting this little project.The vehicles, a Stuart, an M8 and a JeepSupport weapons and anti tank gunThe infantry, all individually based on metal washers

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