US medium machine gun

Road do Berlin 2019 - PICS HEAVY!

Heyah,Last weekend once again I had a pleasure to participate in Bolt Action event organised by Tricity gaming community: Road to Berlin.It's just been ton of fun:lots of gamers, all armies painted, 15 highly detailed battlefields, each with dedicated and demanding scenario. It ended just yeasterday but I already cannot wait the next one.During the event I played 4 games (during which got my US ass kicked 3 times...) so there was not much time to take pics of other battles raging around. Therefore just like in last year's Road to Berlin report - here's what I've managed to gather between giving orders and getting shot.Feast your eyes!Aerial pics of the fields of battle:My first game:That goddamn Tiger...Quick peek on other fields of battle:And my second game - the mission was to prevent launching V1 rocket (which I fucked so the London was most probably demolished): The third game. Bridges suck!And the last game: because of freezing weather both of my vehicles didn't appear on the table at

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Kilroy was here!

Hello,This time there are two more Bolt Action pieces served: US medium machine gun team and Warlord / Italeri wrecked house.MMG team it my entry for painting contest on forum. There are several categories to choose, I decided to prepare unit / squad (25/28mm) and vehicle.The first entry is Warlord Games' medium machine gun team - this time whole team has been placed on single base a contrary to another MMG painted recently: sure it's more practical to have ammo runt staggering around to mark casaulty easier, but I thing 3 models packed on single base simply look better. So as usually I chose more-less the same color choice to make guys fit rest of the force. Noting down colors used during work turned out to be good idea. Looking now at these bricks I am considering basing a single squad on city rubble - to make them pop on the battlefield. The only problem is models I use are "pre-slotta" which will make basing rather pain in the ass.Most probably.But still it's bette

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Some more Bolt Action bits and bobs

Right... Until now I was actually hoping to paint something else than Bolt Action miniatures but this stuff is way too tempting for me...So here's official statement: it's the last Bolt Action stuff painted before finishing something else. Something totally different!Most probably Great Unclean One or at least something similar size...So what's on menu today? First of all I've finished medium machine gun for US force. Haven't used it combat yet but I think it might have some potential: mostly dealing pin markers and hopefully taking down enemy soliders.Sometimes...This particular one is Artizan version, I also have Warlord's model since US army can field more machine gun teams per slot than other armies. Huzzzah!!!I really like Artizan's models, the only flaw of this set is shooter's face. I assume the mould was wearing off (or something) but half of the model's face was so screwed that it would fit Konflikt '47 better then Bolt Action as horrid result of Nazis experiments on POW...All in all t

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