Valin Hauke

Valin Hauke, the Fallen Knight

If you're not familiar with the concept, Privateer Press is known for the formula fluff != rules (fluff does not equal rules) meaning that thinking through various interactions sometimes you have to let go of the picture in  your mind and go with whatever the rules say to do. A famous example was that in Mk2, warjacks would go out if you knocked them down in the water. However, even though Myrmidons and Stormclads didn't have actual furnaces (weird elf tech and storm chambers, respectively), if you knocked them down they didn't get back up again.So is the case with the current testing rules for Valin Hauke, a key Infernals solo.The rule/fluff interaction in question?Valin Hauke has an ability called Brother's Keeper, the same ability that Exemplar Gravus of the Protectorate of Menoth has. Infernals cannot be knocked down or be made stationary.Among the models that can't be knocked down includes himself.Valin Hauke is a Fallen Knight.And he can't be knocked down.But he has fallen.So is Valin Hauke like a

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