Space Rats, Melta Guns and Spooky Chibis

A few things rolling off the workbench this week...Superdeformed (or "chibi") spooky characters from Reaper bones. More experimenting with Contrast paints. How I've been doing a lot of these are undercoating with black gesso, then doing a heavy dry brush with a white gesso, and THEN applying Contrast paints - it keeps the dark recesses DARK - even if the contrast paint is... not-so-dark...It's fast... I'll say that. And if it means more people get more painted toys on the table, then I'm all for it. I wouldn't mind facing warriors painted this way - better than unpainted grey plastic!! But I don't love the look of them....Another ganger for the One-Eyed Red Snakes Delaque Necromunda Gang. The figure is a conversion, I think he had a lasgun or autogun originally... and I already had TWO of that figure, so I decided to convert it to have a special weapon of some sort... and I had a Meltagun that seemed like it would be easy to fit in there...Give then state of my gang in the current campaign, it will be a LONG

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Necromunda: Walls, Doors, and Karloth Valois

This past week I've mostly been working on Necromunda stuff. In particular walls and doors.These are what the walls are looking like on the game board.Both here and elsewhere, a few people have asked for close-ups of the wall graffiti, so, here you are...End/Corner Bits Side OneI have about 24 of these...? Maybe 26...? But I'm only taking pictures of the ones I've done some graphiti on. I didn't do a LOT on all sides as at least two of the sides will always be covered. Same goes for all the others.End/Corner Bits Side Two.See what I mean? Some sides get nothing.End/Corner Bits Side ThreeEnd/Corner Bits Side FourLong Wall Sections Side OneLong Wall Sections Side TwoThese are also a bit of a work in progress... I may still paint something on those two blank ones...Long Wall Sections End OneLong Wall Sections End TwoShort Wall Sections Side OneShort Wall Sections Side OneShort Wall Sections End OneShort Wall Sections End TwoKarloth Valois - Infamous Rogue Psyker of Necromunda - with the ability to telepathically

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