Journey into the Mobile Suit Gundam Universe begins with the RX-78-2 and RX-0 Unicorn (MG) Gundams

This journey has been a long time coming. More than a year ago has swiftly passed me by since I first toyed with the idea of starting a Gundam project. Precious non-utilized hobby time gone in a blink of an eye. Linear time sucks. Oh what I wouldn't give for the power of a Q. Forgive me this reference to another beloved franchise. Let us set that universe aside and continue with this one. In a

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Review and video: Armies on Parade 2018 in Berlin

Like every year I invite you to read a review and to watch the video from Armies on Parade. This time - 2018 in Berlin Germany =) For those impatient - the video is at the end of this post.Jak co roku zapraszam Was na relację z Armies on Parade, tym razem 2018 i z aż trzech salonów Games Workshop w Berlinie =) Dla niecierpliwych - na końcu posta znajduje się krótki filmik prezentujący wszystkie wystawione prace. The first one was Games Workshop at the Frankfurter Allee 96. It was Armies on Parade day so I took with me an improved display of my Wood Elves - I replaced some of the old models with some recently painted miniatures. I won't write about my work here because I entered the competition just for sport and to see my display again among many other fantastic displays.Na pierwszy i do tego zmasowany ogień poszedł Games Workshop na Frankfurter Allee 96. Wziąłem ze sobą udoskonaloną makietę Leśnych Elfów, na której w miejsce niektórych starych modeli postawiłem niedawno uko

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