Villagers Unboxing and First Impressions

My Villagers Kickstarter pledge arrived the other day, I must say I'm pretty impressed.Everything fits nicely in the box, although it seems half empty I realised the space is for those who got the wooden coins, so it's nice that it should all fit in the main box!   Contents:Coins - plenty of card coins to punch, nice and thick and they feel good quality. Good job there's that spare section of box to store them in.Rules - nicely illustrated but look more complicated than it turns out they are!Cards - The cards are nicely illustrated and I like that there are dividers to help organise them, clear icons as to what goes where, and hint cards with reminders of what can be done in each phase.Kickstarter expansions - a mysterious box!The KS box contains a wooden First Player token (to replace/supplement the card in the main deck) and cards, tokens, and dividers for four expansions. I'm leaving them boxed until I get the main game learnt, but it looks again like they fit in the main box with the other

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