Napravite dobro vino uz digitalni Viticulture

Viticulture, strateška igra menadžerisanja vinarije stiže u digitalnom obliku na naše računare i mobilne uređaje. Viticulture je dizajnirao Džejmi Stegmajer iz Stonemaier Games a digitalnu verziju sprema Digidiced. Ovaj studio stoji iza skorašnjih digitalnih adaptacija igara poput Cottage Garden, Indian Summer, Agricola, Terra Mystica, Isle of Skye i […] The post Napravite dobro vino uz digitalni Viticulture appeared first on PITCHWISE.

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ToonCon 2018

This past weekend I attended ToonCon with the kids (Amanda would have been there but she was busy dodging hurricanes and alligators in Florida and learning about nap yoga). This is, I think the 8th year the convention has been running, and I've been to... most of them...?Friday EveningAs is our tradition, The Girl and I played 7 wonders. We got in two, seven-player games.The first I was Babylon and did... okay-ish... I didn't really concentrate on any one thing. I think I came in second with 50 or so points.The second game I played Rhodes and went all military and blue buildings, two things I seem to rarely do... and totally crushed it... Maybe I'll have to take this strategy more often in the future!The Girl did pretty good - both time coming in just after me (3rd and 2nd, respectively). I's funny, because everyone remembers her as "That little girl that won 7 wonders a last year" (although it was actually two years ago).While we were playing 7 wonder, Finnegan was playing Roll for the Galaxy. I don't know h

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