Dug-in Firefly

Heya,Recent month was like a nightmare for me. Sadly for non-hobby related reasons.But life goes on and no matter what shitstorm rages outside the window there's no reason to stop painting stuff. Actually sometimes I think the hobby is one of very few things which keeps me anchored to the reality.I should probably start getting worried...So what's today?Most of my stuff (both related and non-related to hobby) has already been packed and prepared for moving so I don't even want to start a serious project. Instead I've managed to paint some random bits still staggering on the hobby desk.First one is "recycling" job - it's actually terrain piece for Bolt Action game: dug-in Sherman IC Firefly. This one is or course based on dug-in Panther from Road to Berlin expansion. While packing bits box I've found spare Sherman hull and turret, which were just enough to assemble half on the tank.The piece was made to practice using oils (lesson learnt: BIGGER CONTRAST!!!) and will be used as terrain piece, mission objective

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M24 Chaffee (Bolt Action) walkthrough

With this one I've officialy run out of Bolt Action vehicles.Finally!Because since like a few months I've been doing anything but painting infantry models:working on vehicles, buildings, upgrading game table...So now, without Chaffee on the desk, there are no more excuses for not painting infantry. Perspective of having whole army 100% painted has never been closer:the distance is about 25 infantry models...As for the model itself I've been taking pictures while working on it, so in case of getting satisfying result I could repeat it later.The tank is Warlord Games' resin + metal piece.Must say it's nothing spectacular but otoh I've seen much worse casts from this manufacturer. Cleaning it and assembling didn't take much time, the barrel and commander got paperclip pins for more reliable bond - it's gaming model after all.Here's the assembled piece.The green color ain't proper basecoat yet, I've just been spraying excess paint on it.Basecoating. Actually - preshading.I got nice result using this trick on the

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Upgrading Sherman with Calliope set

Heyah,As mentioned a while back my US armoured forced has been reinforced by T34 Calliope missle launcher. Must say it's been already tested in the field and results are promising:the turn it moved onto battlefield it blew away Zee German Wirbelwind and spread terror among units around.Next turn the game was over.  Yeah, yeah... It was nothing but the matter of luck but still model looks damn cool and brings lots of fun (mostly for US player) so I hope to include it in army lists frequently.Sadly I don't have enough space to keep all models I've ever got so instead of purchasing another Sherman decision was made to upgrade model I've already had finished with Warlord's Calliope missle launcher set. While working on the model some pics were taken about both assembling and painting, which hopefully might be useful for fellow hobbyists.So the operation started with M4 Sherman tank. Model you see below has been painted and sealed with matt varnish, therefore there was no need to undercoat it again befor

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