War and Empire

15mm Punic Wars Project

A clutch of figures painted for this project.A unit of Gallic heavy warband and two units of naked fanatics, Gestati(or something like that).  Also a couple of mounted leaders and a cavalry unit.There is also a mounted skirmish unit of Tarantine horse, a universal mercenary force who will fight for anyone of the right money....Gallic Nobels, ready to lead the wildmen to battle Gallic cavalry, a very useful unit who can fight on both sides or among themselves  Naked fanatics....  Heavy WarbandTarantine, mercenary light horse..... Sorry about the bad pictures they were taken on an IPad in poor lighting.  Better ones will follow once they have been based.

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15mm Punic War Project

Found time to add to own collections.  This time the ever expanding 2nd Punic War project.The first two pictures are off Punic Citizen cavalry and two figures for a command stand.  These are Corvus Belli figures as is the majority of my Punic citizen force.24 Gallic warriors, these will form two 'heavy' warbands 'Soldari'  The figures are from War and Empire   Gallic chariots, not really 2nd Punic Wars but very useful for fighting Romans anyway.One chariot is Corvus Belli the other War and Empire

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Punic Wars Project-Gauls

Gallic skirmishers/javelinmen.  Under the Imputvs basing scheme these will make four four man units.The figures are the very nice War and Empire, there are lots more Gauls to come.  The aim is to have a very large Gallic collection, not that I like big figure collections lol, to be able to do Gallic Tribal wars and add allies to the Romans.

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