war rig

Gaslands, The War Rig

A friend hosted a Gaslands game for us locals, this time the scenario was for a War Rig to make it off the table edge supported by buggies with rockets mounted on them. The opposing force is made up of raiders with 30 cans each to spend on cars.My ride, the Crimson CrushA loaner for a friend, Slam JobThe Captain’s buildA shot of the highway and table.Dave’s performance car build, Purple RainThe Slime Rig, Cradle of FilthThe Divine Wind Rocket BuggiesUs raiders are deployed at the opposing edgeAnother shot of the Rocket BuggiesThe game moves quickly with the rig and I shifting up to 3rd gear. Shots are exchanged and I take some minor damage, but my mounted 125mm gun hits home on the rig.The screen of buggies advance unloading rockets as they go.The game of chicken ends with the rig and ride colliding, damaging me slightly, but the rig more.  I’m thrown off course by the impact.Rockets rain down from the buggies onto Purple Rain and Slam Job.My ride gets buggy blasted!And then detonates with my ammo cookin

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