Lost World Exodus Announced

Warcradle have dropped a new announcement for the Wild West Exodus. Or Dystopian Age as it now seems to be called, and that is Lost World Exodus. The icy wilderness of Antarctica holds a centuries-old [...] The post Lost World Exodus Announced appeared first on Tabletop Games UK.

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DW 3.0: Gameplay First Impressions

I’ve finally managed to play my first game of the DW 3.0 Beta! My friend Matt, with whom I recently played through the Hurricane Season campaign with, and I met up last night to try our hand at War Cradle’s latest revision. The standard disclaimers apply; since this is a Beta test, any specific rules that I discuss below are subject to change before the game’s release, so keep that in mind. For those keeping score at home, we were playing with Version 0.03 of the Beta rules, dated 14 September 2018. Our First Game For our first foray into DW 3.0, Matt and I decided to focus on the core rules, and exercise as many of them as possible. As such, we played with decks of Victory & Valor (V&V) cards, and made sure we each had a carrier so that we could play around with the SRS rules a bit. About the only thing we did not use this time around were the Outfitting Cards, which means we didn’t have any Generators. Forces We went very basic with the forces we took for this mission; we pl

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