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Lost World Exodus Announced

Warcradle have dropped a new announcement for the Wild West Exodus. Or Dystopian Age as it now seems to be called, and that is Lost World Exodus. The icy wilderness of Antarctica holds a centuries-old [...] The post Lost World Exodus Announced appeared first on Tabletop Games UK.

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Krampus Arrives in Wild West Exodus

Are you needing more festive cheer in your Wild West Exodus games? Warcradle Studios have announced their new 2018 seasonal miniature for Wild West Exodus. Better yet, it’s available to order now! “You’d better watch out, you’d better be tough… or the Krampus will carry you off” Children all along the Frontier are used to hearing about Krampus from their parents – and their elder siblings too, of course! Let’s hope he isn’t visiting YOU this year… Available only during December, take comfort that you aren’t in the iron pot he carries on his back. Funnily enough, the pot is just about large enough to hold one small naughty child, ready to be whisked off to who knows where… You can order Krampus Rex now in time for the holidays. The post Krampus Arrives in Wild West Exodus appeared first on Tabletop Games UK.

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Returning To The Seas Of Dystopian Wars

Long-time readers will remember that many years ago (when it first came out even) I dived into Dystopian Wars by Spartan Games. In the designers words...The year is 1870.The World is at War. The world of Dystopian Wars is similar to our own but subtly different. The year is 1870 and the Industrial Revolution occurred decades earlier than in our own world. Technology is far advanced, and in many cases, unrecognisable, which has led to the development of fantastic naval vessels, hulking land ships and terror from the skies in the form of airships and war balloons.Let's recapShipsCool TechnologyReally Big ShipsWar Balloons? Needless to say, it ticked many boxes for me and in no time had I picked up a small pile of ships and even painted up a decent chunk of them. The story gets a little less happy from here.... over the years the designers kept making outstandingly cool models, which I of course kept buying and stashing away. Unfortunately, I never played enough games to really bed the fundamental mechanics

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