Oldhammer (A)Elves

I rummaged around my parents' attic and dug out some treasure.These Wood Elf Waywatchers were among the very first metal miniatures I ever bought. Playing Warhammer as a kid was super hard because everything was so expensive, especially those shiny blisters, so I had to find very good reasons for investing that much of my pocketmoney. So picked these fine Gary Morley sculpts to be the souvenir I brought home from a family holiday to Venice in '96 or '97. Cheeky...The paint job is much younger ('05- or '06-ish) and all I did now was to touch up the rim of the base and give them a fresh coat of varnish. I guess they will do fine next to modern AoS miniatures. Might find some use in AoS Skirmish, Warcry or even as D&D or Frostgrave characters...

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