Review & Unboxing: Wood Elves / Wanderers WardancersWarheim: Tancerze Wojny

Due to bad luck, I wasn't able to participate in this year's Warheim Fantasy Skirmish tournament but that doesn't mean I stopped recruiting models for my Athel Loren Wood Elves squad. Today I want to show you 3 new miniatures - the Wardancers of Loec. Before the destruction of the Old World, those were the models of Wardancer Lord (in the middle) and Wardancers Command Group (including the musician - drummer). In Age of Sigmar Wanderers army, they are still Wardancers and their leader is called the Bladesinger (in the middle).One won't be able to buy Wardancers in normal retail, so you need to "hunt" for them on internet auctions and usually they end up very expensive.Those Wardancers are made of metal and there are square base for them. You might think that those are quite old sculptures but the details are of a very good quality. Especially the Wardancer Lord makes a good impression and all of them have "scenic" poses and bases so I

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