Warfaire Weekend

Daily Chronicle: Warmachine Weekend is now Warfaire Weekend

The other day the Facebook Page for "Warmachine Weekend" changed names to "Warfaire Weekend" and a lot of people were asking about this.  After this past "Warmachine Weekend", it was announced that Carl who has been running it from the beginning was letting go of "Warmachine Weekend" and there was a new team taking over the duties.  Chris and Gonzo stepped up to plate and will now be running "Warmachine Weekend", well actually "Warfaire Weekend".  Last night at 8:00 PM EST, Chris and Gonzo held a Facebook Live Q&A session to answer anyone's questions and explain a little bit about "Warfaire Weekend".In the picture, the first thing you may notice (besides the name) is that date of "Warfaire Weekend" will be November 8th-10th.  The past few years the event has been the first weekend of November, but it looks like for 2019 it will be the second.Onto the name change.  Having a fresh start for the event, Chris and Gonzo thought it would also be a perfect time for a name change, the nam

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