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Sisters of Battle for FriendsCon

On top of my 2mm madness, another project I've been working on these past few months has been putting together a Sisters of Battle force for a friends tournament that we just had just a few days ago. Byron hosted all six of us at his house with a delicious BBQ lunch and supper - a great day out. I'll post a couple shots of the event at the end of this.Last winter I debuted my first efforts with this project, using models kindly provided by IainW, a long time participant of the Painting Challenge and all around good egg (thanks Iain!). As I mentioned in that post, this is not my first foray into the Sisters of Battle, as many years ago I had collected a sizeable force only to regrettably sell it off. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to reconstitute (reconsecrate?) my collection of Adepta Sororitas (nerdspeak for the Sisters) and so have been furiously collecting, building and painting models for the past few months.I understand that the Sisters will have a new Codex-guidebook-thingy coming out soon, so t

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40K Penitent Engine

Hi Folks!Just a small past to end the work week. This time out we have a Penitent Engine from the 40K universe.Taking a dip into the GrimDark, penitent engines are mechanical constructs piloted by super-bad sinners serving penance for some particularly heinous crime (team-killing in Fortnight, refusing to signal when changing lanes, not picking up after their dogs, nasty things like that). Upon sentencing they are basically grafted into what equates to a dreadnought chassis and then injected with all manner of psychotropic drugs and pain inhibitors. After a quick buff and a shine they are then pointed at the enemy and released. Weee!! Death and Destruction ensues. Actually, death in combat is the only way getting out of this gig, but thankfully that usually comes along pretty quickly.  As you can imagine recidivism is pretty low in the Dark Imperium of Mankind....This model is not an official Penitent Engine (Gasp! I know, Heresy in of itself.), but rather a nicely crafted proxy from the talented folks o

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