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Colours 2018

Yesterday was Colours at Newbury, usually an event I look forward to, Salute and Colours are my two essential shows each year as they are nicely about six months apart. I guess I was not in the right frame of mind to go to Colours anyway, I did not have anything in particular to pick up, in fact for the first time in years, I did not even take a shopping list. Overall, I found the show a bit disappointing, several retailers I like to pay a visit to were absent and there was not much else to grab my attention. The crowd seemed less and I found myself wandering around aimlessly… The highlight for me was to see my various MDF towers on display and on sale at Products For Wargamers. Also there was a new spiral staircase, looks good, but tricky to build. So all I bought were some paints, some big brushes for terrain, a couple of resin machines for scenery and ONE miniature, ONE I tell you! That was just some random historical bloke on a horse that I will as a statue… All was not lost, on the way home

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