Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Foul Blightspawn and Noble Elves!

Last week I posted a work in progress shot on a Foul Blightspawn for my Death Guard army and I managed to sort out a base for him up shortly thereafter. Here he is in all his feculent glory:Feculus Spew is ready to spread death and decay.                                 The weather here in Seattle has turned pretty cold, so its not optimal priming/spraying weather. Instead, I turned to models I already had primed before the weather turned; so that means more High Elves. The army is getting pretty sizable now. I've only got to complete four cavalry models and I should have enough to play a reasonably sized game now. Finally finished up a command group for these spearmen. Then I cranked out five more Lothern Seaguard to bring that unit to a full twenty troops.Then I added five more bowmen and a champion to bring that unit to fifteen guys. This photo is super weird. The angleI took it at makes the bowmen appear to

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More Elves March to War

Lately, I've decided to start growing my High Elf army. I've played a handful of games of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Kings of War with what I have now, and I'm re-learning a lesson that I'd forgotten: namely that most massed battle games aren't as much fun as smaller games. Its not that games I've played haven't been fun per se, its that feeling that they'd be so much more interesting with more units. To that end, I'm putting some more paint on some new units for my High Elves.This weekend, I managed to get a 15 man unit of classic Spearmen painted up. I still need to finish four more guys, paint the unit's bases and wait for a Champion model to arrive from Ebay.These old models paint up so quickly with assembly line techniques. And the nostalgia I get painting them keeps me well motivated, so this should skip along pretty fast. I'm going to graduate out the command models currently in my missile units to serve in melee formations, so I've been painting up some bowmen to replace them.These two will replace

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