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Realm of Chaos Renegade Warband - rolling it up

Hi All,So I started rolling up a Renegade Warband late last year with the intent of getting it ready for a game of Rogue Trader at Warhammer World this summer. After trying to roll up some fantasy bands, and having some issues, I tried to roll up this band with the help of some friends. I highly recommend going over to Axiom's blog on the subject here and reading about it. I am more or less following his lead.While I was writing this post JB wrote about rolling up his warband here.Generate your RenegadeStart by rolling to see the race of your Renegade. The table is on p233 of Slaves to Darkness (StD), and is different from the Fantasy table on p40.My roll 71, Human. Next we need to roll on the Human sub table. My roll 16, basic human. (Uh oh!) M WS BS S T W I A Ld Int Cl WP 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 7 7 7 The next thing we meed to do is determine the Power of Chaos we are dedicated to. You could just choose your favorite or make up your own Chaos god, I chose to ma

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Warhammer World Visit

In November, my favourite band Pitchshifter ended a 10 year hiaitus to go touring and recognise the 20th anniversary of their [arguably] most successful album www.pitchshifter.com [they since relinquished their own URL]. This manifested in five or 6 shows, culminating in a home town blow out in of all places - Nottingham. Our original plans were to see them 3 times on the tour but obviously things changed and it was only my brother and I who went to the final gig, so I had to drag him to Warhammer World for breakfast and the obligatory Rhino shot [he does NOT like having his picture taken].Typically we also got there too late for breakfast but we enjoyed a sandwich in Bugman'sThis was day 2 of the Vigilus weekender so the hall was packed.But this Titan Battle was also going on.Couple of Warlords facing off against each other.And plenty of Knights too.The highly intricate and claustraphobic Kill Team tableAdeptus Titanicus!Deja vu of the battle going on in the main hall!Knight Castellan and the new Necron Heav

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