Bonus article: Blood Angel Anti-armour for Spoonlamp

I’m trying to stick to a lower but consistent blog schedule, usually taking Tuesday, Thursday and the weekend off. However, I’m always eager to respond to reader requests and Spoonlamp had this question:"I know you've been concentrating on Killteam lately,  but any thoughts on scalable anti-armour for Blood Angels? Hellblasters v Dev squad?Redemptor Dread v Pred?"It’s a good question, and the answer is largely the same for any Space Marine force. As of now Hellblasters are your best bet for anti-armour, but that comes with a few conditions. In general with Blood Angels your best options are going to be melta-gun Assault Marines or any close combat unit with a power fist. However, we'll look at the traditional anti-armour options with this post.HellblasterHellblasters with their plasma incinerators offer the best balance between offence and defence for a Blood Angel player. They’re twice as tough as Devastators (quite literally… double the Wounds), and can be more damaging for their points. They’ll also p

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Kill Team Guide: The surprising uses of the Scout and Sniper

Happy Monday everyone! Here we look at the Scout and Sniper, both of who evoke images of sneaky ninjas, spelling death from the shadows. However, one is better at being a big meaty wall and tackler, and the other is better as a machine gunner!Here are some of the ground rules before we go into discussing the Specialists.I’ll only be talking about them in terms of Matched Play, which means the following:Tier 1 only, so only the first ability and level 1 TacticOnly 4 Specialists per teamOne must be a LeaderEach specialist must be unique in the Kill Team (i.e. you can’t field 2 Combat specialists)ScoutNot a great specialisation at first glance but has its uses when you’re better at the game. This really comes into its own in campaign and higher tiers, so if you’re a new player and only sticking with Matched play it might be a good idea to skip.Swift: You can re-roll Advance rolls for this modelWoo? Okay, not the best ability, but I’m hoping this had synergies with factions when we investigate them later. In all

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