White Dwarf

White Dwarf September 2018

Well, it`s time to return to Middle Earth, and for me to try and resist that call... With the new edition of the Lord of the Rings game being one of the three big releases along Rogue Trader and Codex Space Wolves, it's needless to say a large part of the magazine is dedicated to Tolkien's masterpiece.Planet Warhammer: all the new releases and news from the hobbyTemporal Distort: flip your mag upside down, just like in the days of the Lord of the Rings having it's whole own section of the magazineGetting Started With... Kharadron Overlords this monthDesigners' Notes: Pushing the Boundaries as they take a look on the new Kill Team expansion, Rogue TraderInterview: The Master Architect as the crew talks with Dave AndrewsReturn to Middle Earth: a look at the new edition of the gameHall of Fame: The Arcane BalanceThe Battle of Pelennor Fields: a battle report using the new editionThe Wrath of Fenris: a 40k batrep puts the Space Wolves against the Thousand SonsThe Ultimate Guide to... The Realmgate Wars: taki

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Realm of Chaos - goodies in White Dwarf

Hi All, This excellent post by Whiskey Priest got me thinking about a lot of things, so I went ahead and started looking at the White Dwarf issues around WD 107 which he mentions.After his post on Renegade Orks I had been starting to think about making my own Renegade war band. Off to the tomes (Slaves to Darkness, The Lost an the Damned) to go back over rolling a war band. I was able to complete my book collection (at stupid prices) a few years ago but the bug to actually do stuff with them had never firmly taken hold. I blame my usual gamer ADD.So, which issues have Relam of Chaos articles in them? Lets see.The first set of articles I found was in WD104The introduction of Slaves to Darkness, the color painted figure gallery that was in the book, and an article showing the process of converting Chaos mutations on your figures, complete with stat blocks of the finished example figures.Then WD106An exposition of Beastmen. I haven't read it through carefully, but I think it is more or less the s

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