widgets and wonders

Widgets and Wonders Ep 128 – Pre-Painted Medieval Towers and Ruins from Urbanmatz!

UrbanMatz has made a whole new range of pre-painted Medieval Towers and Ruins available for your wargaming table! They’re ready to go right out of the box! Check them out HERE: https://www.urbanmatz.com/c/prepainted-terrain/fantasy-terrain

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Widgets and Wonders Ep 126 – Pre-Painted Desert Terrain set by UrbanMatz

  UrbanMatz has released another pre-painted Terrain kit; this one perfect for Legion, Infinity, 40k or any other Desert planet from the far future! Check it out HERE: https://www.urbanmatz.com/p/301/desert-terrain-full-set

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Widgets and Wonders Ep 120 – Pre-Painted Chem Zone Terrain and Mat from GameMat.eu!

It’s time to check out another ready-out-of-the-box Terrain set and Kill Team Gaming Mat from GameMat.eu! Check out the Chem-Zone terrain HERE: https://www.gamemat.eu/our-products/terrain/chem-zone/us/ Check out the reversable Kill Team Gaming Mat HERE: https://www.gamemat.eu/our-products/battle-mats/22-x30-double-sided-g-mats/22-x30-double-sided-g-mat-quarantine-and-fallout-zone/us/

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