[EN/PL] About Viking runestones / O kamieniach runicznych Wikingów (Warhead Studio Runic Stones #1)

Welcome!I invite you to watch the first runestones that you can find in the Warhead Studio offer. I recently received a package from sets from a polish producer of terrains, scenery and bases, and I must say that it is VERY good.       Described today set divided into two parts. In this version, 3 out of 5 runic stones.Set of Runic Stones casted in resin perfect for those Viking raids in game of Saga, Hail Caesar or other historical games from Dark Ages. Runic Stones can be used as a stand alone piece of terrain, part of bigger diorama, objective or as a scenery piece for a base.I encourage you to look through the expanding range of Warhead Studio: a handful of facts. Part IThe runestones were created mainly in the years 200-1100. The runes were also used later in some isolated regions of Sweden and Norway, but the runestones ceased to basically engraved before 1100. They have survived in the entire Nor

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[EN/PL] Björn Ironside. An untold story / Björn Żelaznoboki. Historia prawdziwa (Stronghold-Terrain)

Welcome!Today I come back to the theme of the Vikings, breaking the next figure. Some time ago I presented you the true story of Halfdan the Black, and today I invite you to the saga about Björn Ragnarsson.Although I like the character of the viking created by the actor Alexander Ludwig in the Vikings series, I have to say with a heartache that about 90% of it is a figment of writers.The fate of the real Björn (if we can believe sagas and stories) looked completely different...Today's sponsorship is Stronghold-Terrain, which has many excellent original figures, including Björn Ragnarsson, described today.The model is made of white metal and is modeled on the 4-5 season from the Vikings series. The miniature consists of three parts: bodies, hands with ax and shield.And I think it's sweeping!Visit Stronghold-Terrain and FB And now...Björn Ironside was a legendary king of Sweden who lived sometime in the 9th century. Viking is said to have been the first ruler of the Munsö dynasty.A powe

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