Wild West Meta

X-Wing Second Edition – Wild West Meta

I’ve been playing X-Wing 2nd Edition for a few weeks on Vassal now. I finally put some ships on the table at a Quickfire Tournament. These are regularly hosted by the Moldy Crows at Athena Games. Games are comprised of 65-minute rounds where, despite flying some absolute nonsense, I finished 4th after going into the final round with a chance to win. The one thing that has stood out for me at present is the wide variety of lists out there. I have not flown against the same list once. After the list spam-fest of 1.0 this is a fantastic breath of fresh air! However, the game is still very young. Everyone has an abundance of new toys and ideas to mess around with but this Wild West Meta is fun! I know, “fun” is a dirty word in tabletop circles, but it’s entirely true. Would it not be great if people stopped caring about what the Meta is and started having fun? I know this concept is not new, last year our current world champion started the #whatmeta? trend which mixed things up for a while

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