Robin in peril

I was ambushed by the young lad (age 8) this week asking for a game of 'Knights'. He wanted to get his new posse led by Sir John on the table and have a game. I opted to use standard Song of Blades and Heroes with simple warbands. Sir John and his retinue came in at just under 150 points, so I built an outlaw band the same strength.Sir John's PosseSir John - Q3 C3; Hero, Heavy Armour, SteadfastSwordsman - Q4 C2; SteadfastSpearman - Q4 C2; SteadfastCrosbowman - Q4 C2; Shooter - Long, Sharpshooter, SteadfastMerry ForestersRobin - Q3 C3; Hero, Good Shot, Shooter - Long, ForesterJohn - Q4 C2; ForesterWill - Q4 C2; ForesterMuch - Q4 C2; Shooter - Medium, ForesterTo get the game moving quickly, we used a 2' square board and deployed 1x Short in from our chosen table edge. Robin and Much are top right, Will and John bottom right. Sir John is out of shot in the lower left, and his men are spread out to the left - the crossbowman in the middle.Sir John's swordsman activated first and ran straight to the the cover of t

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Sir John's posse

My wee lad loves to customise stuff - no idea where he gets that from... When he saw Sir Guillaume, he asked if he could customise a knight too. So now, hot off the heels of family visits to Trim Castle, the National Heritage Park, and the Rock of Dunamase, I can present his small warband led by Sir John 'of Ireland'. Sir John himself, armoured with a shield, and armed with a mace and sword.The rear of Sir John showing his coat-of-arms. As you can see, the wee man also customised up a prototype for me so I knew exactly what I was supposed to be painting.Two sergeants: one with spear and shield and the other with sword and shield. A crossbowman to provide a bit of long range support.I suspect these will mostly be sitting on a shelf, but they will also see service in the new Robin Hood/outlaw game, and perhaps in the odd game of Song of Blades and Heroes as well. Every boy needs to be taught how to handle himself in a scrap...

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