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Summer Is Over

The summer is over, the holiday is a distant memory, the kids are back at school and autumn is here. It really is time to get my butt in gear and get on with the massive backlog of stuff that needs to be finished, or in some cases, started. Next weekend is Colours and I must resist buying anything. Maybe I will buy something small. Just paints, honest. And some new paint brushes. Well maybe just one new game, Kill Team and that is it, nothing else. Okay, so I am doomed…

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Heroes and Commanders for the Landsknechte

After or better said, during, assembling the Landsknechts for the different reviews (Pikemen, Missile Troops and Zweihänders), I tried to get a bit more out of the kit, as with the three boxes, I only got one command sprue. The bitz come from the old command upgrades for the Empire plastic infantry, the drum is […]

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Converting Winter Germans

I've covered the review on the German infantry in winter gear a couple of days ago and already opened up on the possibilities to convert them, by adding parts from other sprues and kits. Due to the way the miniatures in the Warlord Games kits are cut, it is quite easy to use parts from […]

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